Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (I am a contributor)
PhilPapers: Online Research in Philosophy (I am the editor for the Indian Philosophy category)
NEH Summer Institute: Investigating Consciousness (I co-directed this institute with Jay Garfield and Evan Thompson)
International Society for Buddhist Philosophy (I am the co-chair of the ISBP for the Eastern and Pacivic Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association)
Toward a Science of Consciousness (Biennial Conferences)
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Center for Subjectivity Research
THESIS: Towards an Embodied Science of Subjectivity
International Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences
Mind and Life Institute (I am on the Mind and Life Contemplative Fellowships Advisory Board)
Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy
H-Buddhism Discussion Network
Journal of Consciousness Studies
Philosophy East and West
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Sanskrit Unicode Text Processing
Daily Nous
Indian Philosophy Blog

Philosophy Department (Charleston)
Philosophy Department Blog